Mercurey rouge Premier Cru
"Clos des Ruelles" Monopole


Chalky-clay soils (clay is predominant)

Winemaking and Aging

Grapes are harvested by hand then sorted out and totally destemmed. Maceration is made and alcoholic fermentation lasts from 15 to 18 days with temperatures checking in opened tanks, with punching of the cap. Maturing is 100 % made in oak barrels with 30 to 40 % of new barrels. Malolactic fermentation is 100 % realized. Wine is bottled in Traditional Burgundy bottle. The cork is marked with the name of the wine growing estate and the vintage.

Tasting notes

Dark red and ruby robe with beautiful reflects
Nose brings black fruits aromas (black berry, blue berry, black cherry) with spicy notes of pepper and nutmeg. Lot of freshness and pureness.
Strong wine in mouth with melt and silky tannins. Fresh notes are mixed with soft spices. We can also find mineral notes which remind the deep depth.

Food and wine pairings

Le Château de Chamirey rouge Premier Cru "Les Ruelles" 2007 should be served at 13-15°C. Le Château de Chamirey rouge Premier Cru "Les Ruelles" 2007 will pair well with game birds, bloomy rind cheese and goat cheese.

Service and cellaring

Le Château de Chamirey rouge Premier Cru "Les Ruelles" 2007 could be tasted right away or cellared for 6 to 8 years.

Art of tasting

Owning great wines in your cellar is not enough, you also need to know how to serve them.

Température is an essential element, around 53-57° F for the white and 55-59°F for the red. And if you don't have the right tasting glass which will amplify the wines's aromas, you may considerably reduce your tasting pleasure.

A great glass gives a large ventilation surface to the wine and a tightening neck, which allow the nose to grasp more easily the richness and the complexity of a great wine.